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Rodent Clean-Up

For Complete Rodent Control and Rodent Droppings Cleanup in Bay Area, Call the Attic Experts

rodentRodent cleaning is one of the most important steps in pest control and in making your home safe after a rodent infestation. We will make sure all contamination in your attic is completely removed. All feces will be bagged into industrial strength trash bags and disposed of. Our goal in every Attic Cleanup, and other services we provide, is to make your home a safer place. We ensure that all contamination contained within the attic will be stored away and kept out of the way while we make your home more safe. Before we do any work we prepare the entire area and path leading to your attic. This helps ensure the rest of your home is not further contaminated.

Are rodents making themselves at YOUR home?

Worried about the presence of rodents in your home? We can check that for you, but in the meantime here are some signs to look for:






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