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Insulation Removal and Installation

worker-cutting-insulationMany homeowners need to replace this type of insulation in order to install new insulation. Whether it is outdated, contaminated by rodents, or covered with debris and dirt, we have the solution to get rid of it. In this process we use a high-powered vacuum connected to a 150 foot hose. The vacuum is positioned outside the home and a large volume filter bag is uesed to collect the insulation. This process is not only efficient, but also keeps the home from being further contaminated by the insulation being removed from your attic or crawlspace. Give us a call today for your Free Expert Home Evaluation.

Insulation repair is a major issue when restoring attics after a rodent infestation. Often insulation is so soiled with the waste from the rodents that inhabited your attic, that as opposed to a rodent cleanup the insulation must be replaced. In doing so, we will help improve air quality and insulation efficiency, which will make your home a safer place and reduce your electricity bills.

We also remove batt insulation, the type of insulation that comes in strips or rolls. Removing this type is much easier than removing the insulation mentioned above. Another big reason homeowners replace insulation is their electricity bills. If they have began soaring in the recent years, the age and condition of your insulation may be a contributing factor.

Insulation Replacement

worker-in-overall-is-setting-insulationOnce the Cleanup, Decontamination, and Insulation Removal has completed and we have got rid of the entire Rodent Contamination, we’re ready to put in new insulation. We always use R-30 Insulation in attics as prescribed by the EPA for our Southern California Region. We are Trained and Certified to install insulation and we make sure that it is installed correctly so that it may keep your home warm in the winter or cool in the summer. After installing the new insulation and cleaning up our equipment you will be sure to have a clean attic that’s safe for you and your family.

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