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Attic Decontamination

Man-In-Hazard-SuitThe rodent contamination cleanup and decontamination process is fairly simple, so long as the right steps are taken to protect the person doing the work. It can be quite harmful to whoever is doing the cleaning if the proper Personal Protective Equipment and precautionary steps are not taken.

We first evaluate your attic in order to determine whether or not we can vacuum the rodent droppings and contamination or if we need to replace insulation. We then perform whichever service is recommended, either a rodent cleanup or insulation removal, along with physically removing the rodents left in your attic. We also seal the attic entry points rodents commonly use, an extremely important step. We then remove all of the droppings left behind by the rodents. While cleaning the infested area and removing the droppings and other contaminants including urine and hair, we use a HEPA filter vacuums to maintain a healthy environment and eliminate the possibility of air contamination. Once we have thoroughly cleaned and/or replaced the insulation, we fog your entire attic using a state of the art Atomist Electric Fogger utilizing an earth friendly “Green” product, BioShield that contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents. This process not only significantly reduces or eliminates odors caused by dead animals, rodents feces, and urine, but also eliminates the health risks associated with zoonotic diseases, those caused by infectious agents that can be transmitted between animals and people.

Once we have completed our cleaning and Decontamination process, and have completely removed the rodent contamination from the infested area, your home is sure to be a safer place. The biggest issue with having the rodent contamination in and around your home is you and your family has the possibility of breathing in the particles of contamination left behind by the rodents.

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